Client Files: A Little Girl’s Sweet Retreat

When I began working on my clients’ home back in October, they let me know right upfront that there was one person in the home that I would need to impress: their 3 year old daughter.  Luckily, room after room, she gave me the thumbs up.  Especially  after seeing her mom and dad’s bedroom makeover, she decided that she wanted in on the action too!  I was thrilled because I love working on kid’s bedrooms, and it was a total pleasure giving this sweet little girl’s (already cute) bedroom a little refresh.  Take a peek:


One of my client’s main requests was toy storage and organization.  And my littlest client just requested PINK!  I think I was able to fulfill both of these requests.

Because my clients’ daughter is so young, and was pretty comfortable with her room previously, I didn’t want to make any drastic changes that might make her feel uncomfortable in her space.  So I decided to keep the layout and the canopy that mom worked hard creating, and I worked from there.

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I first started with a neutral base:  the rug, since I knew I was going to go a little crazy with the pink, and I also knew it would soften up the room quite a bit, seeing how the furniture is a little on the darker side, I chose a diamond trellis rug in white and gray to replace the dark grayish-purple rug that my client previously had.

I incorporated an Ikea storage cubby (Kallax), and some soft pink toy bins to help corral most of the toys and excess books, and to also work double duty as a nightstand.

I decided to add a little whimsy, by installing a vinyl decal accent wall with no (real) rhyme or reason, but in enough of a pattern that it would appear like wall paper.

The soft velvet pom-pom Euro pillow covers were a dream, and such a great buy, I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of them, and I think they also add a little whimsy to the space.

My client already had a nice little selection of wall décor, however it was spread around the room.  I grouped them together to create a sweet gallery wall to hang over her dresser.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of using vertical space for kid’s room organization, and that was no different in this room.  I used 4 ledge shelves for book storage, although I could have easily used more from her large book collection, it was important that she actually be able to reach them on her own.

I love how I was able to use much of what my clients already had to create an organized and functional space for their little one.  I’d love to hear your feedback on this project in the comments section.




Sheets (similar)

Pillow Covers

Heart Wall Decals

Toy Cubby

Pink Toy Bins

Felt Ball Garland (similar)

Floor Mirror


Ledge Shelves





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