DIY 3D Wood Ornaments

Hi friends! Seeing that there’s only a few days left before Christmas, this may not be the best time to be sharing an ornament tutorial, but I figured I’d post  it for posterity.

Back in November, we bought our very first faux tree and decided at the last minute that it just wasn’t the same. So, last week we decided at the last minute to get a second tree-a live one as we always have, but quickly realized that we didn’t have enough ornaments for two trees. So I decided to get crafty and came up with some cute inexpensive ornaments.

All you need is:

  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Small wood circles and or squares (these can be found at Walmart, Dollar Tree or at craft stores of course)
  • ⅛” Dowel
  • Small Eye Hooks
  • Saw
  • Sanding Block
  • Paint
  • Craft Glue Stick. Glitter, Spray paint or stain (Optional)

Cut your wood squares in 4’s. (If you’re using the circles, cut them in half)

Cut your dowel to the length of your triangles.

Hot glue the long end of the triangle to the dowel, continue until you have 8 triangles glued all around the dowel.

Next predrill a small hole at the top of your ornament and screw an eye hook to the top.

Finish as desired!

I spray painted mine with black spray paint and glitter, but I think these would look amazing stained or even left natural depending on your design style.

I love these ornaments because if stored properly they’ll last for years!

I hope you all enjoy!

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  1. Teresa
    November 1, 2022 / 11:07 am

    I just found your blog and I’m so happy! You have such great projects and home inspiration. I started following blogs in 2012 and most bloggers have shut them down due to sm so it’s refreshing to find a blog that’s still up and running. Thank you for so much inspiration!
    I love these ornaments ♥️


    • madebycarli
      November 4, 2022 / 8:01 am

      Hi Teresa! This message made my day, Thank you!

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