Bathroom Renovation Part 3: Paint, Sconces, and stenciled floors

When we last left off with the bathroom renovation, we had added Shiplap panels, trim, sconces, new shower tile, and primed the old tile floors.

We took a little break with our travels back and forth to Cleveland, but things with this project are getting a bit closer to completion, although you couldn’t tell by my growing to-do list.  Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • ✔️Caulk trim
  • ✔️Painted walls
  • ✔️Seal tile
  • ✔️Silicone tub/tile
  • ✔️Paint/Stencil/seal floors
  • ✔️Find mirror, I’ve found two options
  • ✔️Find Shower curtain rod
  • ✔️Install shower curtain rod
  • ✔️Install shower shelves
  • ✔️Install vanity


I tried out a few paint samples, but ultimately decided on Behr Mesa Taupe and Sherwin Williams Snowbound for the top.

But I set a few people into a tizzy when I decided on a modern color blocked look around the room, and over the window/door trims without .  . . Wait for it . .  . Trim! Gasp!!! But this is the look I was going for, heavily inspired by this space:

Blindtiger portland
Via Blind Tiger Portland


The sconces I installed were similar to the original, with a manual on/off switch on each light.

But I was so excited to find these remote control light sockets that I was able to add to the sconces. They come with a remote/switch that can be mounted to the wall and allows me to shut both lights off at once, without having to hardwire a switch to the sconces. It’s kinda a game changer!


After a few trials with the original stencil that I had planned on using, I decided to pivot. Things were looking too white and boring-And my decisions for the space thus far were leading me in a completely different direction.  Instead I decided to paint the floor black and whipped out some craft stencils I already had on hand to create a look similar to this painted tile from Lowes:


stenciled floor

I love how they turned out and am glad I was able to salvage the old tile, and not make a lot of construction debris, trying to rip it all up.

Door Knobs:

Next I had to focus on the doors. We had two locks on the main door, one barrel lock and one hook and eye lock used just to keep the door from swinging open, we were in bad shape, neither of them worked well.  So I removed the locks, patched the holes and then attempted to repair the original glass knob to no avail. So I was so excited when my friends at Schlage sent me over some new glass knobs for the main door and the linen closet door.

Shower Organization:

Lastly, I added these gold metal shelves to the shower.  In my haste to get the tile installed, I completely forgot to add a tile shelf or niche for shampoo and soaps.  So I found these no damage shower shelves from amazon, that were super easy to install. (basically just peel and stick!)  I just altered the finish a little to match better with my shower hardware, using spray primer, rustoleum metallic gold spray paint and Minway fast polyurethane to seal them–and so far so good!

I’m happy with the direction it’s headed although it’s very different for me and very different from what I had originally planned on. 

Here’s what I still have to do, I’ve added a few things since my last post🤦🏾‍♀️:

  • Install baseboards
  • Glaze tub
  • Change out drain and overflow cover
  • Install counter
  • Install faucet
  • Install ceiling fixture
  • Buy/make radiator cover (?)
  • Window treatment
  • Install shower curtain rod (which is actually a regular curtain rod)
  • Accessories



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  1. Tiffany
    May 21, 2023 / 2:12 pm

    Your bathroom is looking great, and I think you may have just made a lighting project for our lake house a bit easier!

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