Upholstered Headboard on a Budget

by - Friday, November 04, 2011


Tell me, who doesn't want one of these?  
Stevenson Nailhead Headboard
I’ve been browsing the Ballard designs catalog and of course-- all of the wonderful inspiration in blogland . . .
Brandi @ Don’t Disturb this Groove made an awesome upholstered headboard out of trim and cardboard!
Censational Girl, has quite a few (GREAT) tutorials for Upholstered headboard’s on her blog:
and most recently, I admired Jenna’s at Jenna Lou Loves You:
So I gave it a shot! I got my hubby to dig out some scrap plywood we had leftover from another project and propped it up on my saw horses.
I measured the length of my mattress, plus an inch and a half and cut the plywood to size.
I then looked at my inspiration photo in Ballard’s catalog.  I eyeballed the curve that I wanted and sketched it on the plywood.   
Then I cut the curve out using my jigsaw. I used the cut out piece as a template for the other side, then cut that side with the jigsaw as well.

I was pretty anxious to get this started and I'm cheap thrifty soooooo I simply used one of those egg crate mattress pads that I had floating around---instead of foam and batting.

Then it began to rain, so I brought it to the basement and began wrapping the foam (egg crate side down) around the plywood “frame” and stapled the foam tightly to the plywood.
I then trimmed the excess with scissors.894
Next I folded the corners neatly and stapled the foam being sure to keep it smooth and tight.
Although you can see the ridges, you can’t see the texture of them from the opposite side.
Once again, because I’m cheap thrifty, I used an extra sheet for the fabric of the headboard, and then repeated the steps that I made with the foam.
My little guy loved it-he said “Nice soft bed mom!”
I then began adding the upholstery tacks, once again, eyeballing the curve.  I would recommend measuring and creating a template of some sort, but I just kinda winged it Winking smile.
I used my hammer and went to town! (With Cayden’s help of course!)
Here I am doing some more “eyeballing” . .  . I’m rather pleased.
Here it is in my room, partially finished because------- I ran out of upholstery tacks, lol! 

 That’s what happens when you wing it folks!

More on this headboard tomorrow!


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  1. I love how you are not afraid to pick up a saw to get things done! Your headboard looks just like the one you had in mind from Ballard! And you did a wonderful job "eyeballing" those upholstery tacks! I love how Mr. Cayden was right there to give you a hand! Too cute! Thank you so much for including me in your post Carli!! Hope you enjoy your weekend my friend!

  2. Ballards got nothing on you girl, your headboard looks fabulous. The tacks look great and I love your bedding.

  3. You did a great job! I love it. I need a headboard!

  4. Great job on the headboard!! You make it all seem so, so easy!! Smile! Gorgeous bedding too-love the colors!!

  5. Your headboard looks awesome. I couldn't even tell the difference between your headboard and the one from Ballards.

  6. I'm impressed! Now...please come over and help me do one...pretty please. :-)

    Seriously, I've been looking through blogland for ideas...I just don't have the saws, etc. I do think I'm going to go to Home Depot or Lowe's and see if they will cut one for me. I know I can cover it!

    How did you attach it?


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Love it! You did a great job! I have been looking online for a tutorial and I love that you just kinda winged it and it still looks awesome! :) Loving the shape of yours too. I have seen some without a little curve and I have thought they were missing something.. the curve at the top corners definitely make it! Thanks for sharing!


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