Our Backyard: Quick and Easy FULL Window Boxes

Hi Friends today I wanted to share with you how I quickly and easily get the full, window/flower box look, without having to wait for the flowers to overflow on their own, because, let’s face it, most of us forget to water them, drying them out before they grow I pray that that’s not just me.  

I’ve been working hard in our backyard.  Trying to make it comfy and inviting, because we’ve just recently started hangout out back here.  You see, we’re not really outdoorsy people, so this is kinda a big deal.  I came to the realization that if the backyard was functional, comfortable and most importantly BEAUTIFUL, at least I would like to spend more time out there.

Any who, I recently assessed our backyard to decide what types of changes I would like to make that’ll make our space more inviting, and WINDOW BOXES were the first thing that popped into my mind!  So I thought I’d share how I get fuller, overflowing window boxes, quickly!

We have 2 windows in the back of our home.  So doing this was a small change that makes a big impact (and doesn’t break the bank!)

My favorite option for window boxes are calibrachoa, they look like teeny-tiny petunias and come in a variety of colors.

I bought one last year for the first time and it lasted all the way through to fall! even through neglect.

 I just water them when I remember and deadhead the dried up blossoms and new ones magically appear, well it seems that way anyway.

I picked up 2 of these Better Homes and Gardens “Double Date” hanging baskets in beautiful purple, magenta and yellow, which Kyle actually picked out!  When choosing these hanging baskets it’s good to ensure that the plants are healthy, hearty and have a decent amount of “hang” over the planter.

In the front of our home I have a wooden flower box, but  I decided to go for something different in our backyard.  I chose these iron window planters from Lowe’s along with some potting soil.

I filled the insert 1/4 -1/2 way with the potting soil, then removed the plant from the planter by snipping off the hanging supports.

Next, I:
1) Carefully flipped the planter over and removed the plant.
2.)I separated and carefully detangled the plant, exposing the empty center of the plant, or each individual plant as there are usually several plants, planted in each planter.

3.)  I place my shovel partially through the center.
4.)  Next I spread the plant apart, which usually equals the size of a 30” planter.

Place the plant in the planter, and cover any exposed roots with extra soil.  Pack the soil firmly around the roots.

Water and voila, instant (well almost), FULL window boxes!

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  1. Erin Marshall
    May 31, 2016 / 6:04 pm

    The flower boxes look beautiful Carli. I have always wanted flower boxes just never got any. Yours are a great inspiration.

  2. Hannah @ Own The Yard
    February 19, 2019 / 12:38 pm

    I read on a few gardening sites that coconut liners make your planters dry up very quickly. Not only that, but when you water them, the soil drains out the bottom. To combat this, I cut the bottom off of two heavy duty garbage bags (love these for renovation garbage) and cut several holes in them for drainage. Once the planter was filled, I trimmed any excess that showed above the soil.

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