Staining a Concrete Patio with Purdy

Hi Friends, If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may know that I’ve been working on updating our screened in patio one project at a time. Believe it or not, we actually considered removing the screened patio, and I’m SO glad we decided to salvage it. 

First, we updated the metal frame by removing some of the ornate detailing and dated lattice, then we gave it a coat of black paint to modernize it, then we swapped out the slider for a french door . . . then I furnished it!  But between all of that I missed a step–quite literally, too, lol– I never updated the simple wooden step that leads to the patio or the concrete slab floor in the space.  



*This post is sponsored by Purdy. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.  

While it may not be super noticeable, I had a feeling that updating the floors with concrete stain and staining the wood step would definitely freshen up the space and help it to feel a bit more finished.  


First I tackled the wood step:

Although my step was raw wood, it was a bit weather worn, so I used my palm sander to sand it down.

Next I swept and wiped it clean to remove any excess dust.  If your surface is really soiled, use Valspar Fast Prep

But, of course, one thing led to another and I decided to remove the metal flashing from the riser against the house.

and before I knew it, I was fixing all of the door trim too to make the entire area look cleaner and more finished.

I began trimming out the door, with PVC lattice and trim boards and later caulked everything for a more seamless look.

Back to Staining the Step.


To stain the now sanded and cleaned step, I used the Purdy XL Cub brush, which is one of Purdy’s most versatile brushes.  I really love the short handle and angled bristles.  This brush is designed for use with all types of paints and stains, and I can see how it will quickly become my go-to. It works great for cutting in, allowing you to easily trim an area without the use of painter’s tape.  For the stain, I used Cabot Semi-Solid Stain and Sealer in Dark Slate from Lowes to help hide some of the imperfections in the wood.

The Purdy XL Cub‘s bristles are somewhat stiff, but also flexible enough that it could be used for cutting and staining/painting.  I used the brush to do the entire step, in  a very short time.


Next I began tackling the patio floor.

I probably shouldn’t say “tackling,” because this was honestly a very easy job, using my 9″ Purdy Revolution Frame and GoldenEagle roller cover.

Purdy GoldenEagle Roller Cover // Purdy Revolution Roller Frame // Valspar Concrete Stain Solid in Driftwood.

This was my very first time using concrete stain so I wanted to be sure to use the right products and materials.


What to do:

Step 1:  Make sure that your patio is clean and free from debris.   If your area is very soiled you can power wash it, or clean it with a good scrub brush and Valspar Fast Prep cleaner.

Step 2:  Learn from my mistake, and trim the entire area first with a good stiff paint brush:  I chose Purdy ClearCut for it’s precision edging and superior performance.

Step 3:  I mixed up the concrete stain and simply poured a little into the far corner (remembering not to paint myself into a corner, lol–it happens!).  I began rolling and couldn’t believe how smooth and easily the Purdy Revolution Frame rolled.  It’s sturdy, durable and the roller cover actually stayed on!

As you can see, our patio is far from perfect, I’m not quite sure what they were thinking when they poured it, but we’re working with what we have, and the Purdy GoldenEagle 3/4″ nap, was up for the challenge, as it’s meant for Semi Rough to Rough surfaces.  Once it was dry, I gave it a second coat of stain-Easy-Peasy!






I think I love how the painted concrete looks fresh, like fresh poured cement.

I also love how the dark stain pops against the new white riser.


Although this project opened up a can of worms with the door trim, I’m so glad how it turned out!  It feels so much more fresh and clean!



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  1. Kristi
    May 8, 2021 / 8:03 am

    Wow. The power of paint to completely transform a space. I love how you did dark stain on the tread and white on the riser. The whole screen porch looks amazing!

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