Kyle’s Gift Guide

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Happy Thursday Friends! Out of the almost 12 years that I’ve been blogging, this is my very first official Gift Guide! And this year I’m starting with the youngest in our family, Kyle!

Kyle is our 6 year old, he loves to read, he loves math and really anything that has to do with learning, so if you have a child in your life that shares similar interests check out the items below.

Kyle and I worked together to compile a great list of items that he either has and LOVES, or items that are on his Christmas list this year—-and the best part? All of these gift ideas cost $50 or less! (Click on an item to shop)

1//Math Whiz

So this game is perfect for the child that follows you around the house asking you to quiz them on Math problems, haha.  Anyone else have one of those kids?  Well that’s Kyle, so we’ve added this to the list.  The reviews are great, as it challenges kids and encourages them to work up to higher levels.  This will definitely be under the tree this year.

2// Magna Tiles

Magna tiles are a tried and true gift that Kyle receives more of every year.  They are a great non-tech toy, and they’re great for encouraging imaginative play.  In Kyle’s words:  “These tiles stick together so easily, so you can build better”

3//  Nike Star Runner 3

So, admittedly, I put these on the list.  All 4 of my kids have very wide feet, which has always made shoe buying a nightmare.  These sneakers are great for this age as you don’t have to worry about the laces and Kyle finds them very comfortable.  I bought him 2 pairs for the school year and will be buying another pair to have on standby.

4//  Super Mario Uno

Well, this item Kyle definitely wanted on the list, he received these last year for his birthday, and loves them because, well, they have Mario characters on them, he’s obsessed with Mario Brothers.  So it’s UNO, but with Mario characters, lol.

5//Number Blocks Math Kit Activity

Kyle has been watching Number Blocks for the past few years and I can’t say enough about the show.  He has learned so much, that he is honestly better at basic math than I am at 6 years old!  We first started watching it on Youtube, but then it came to Netflix.

This is his favorite show, so naturally he loves playing with his Number Blocks (math link cubes) to form numbers and learning with the activities included in this kit.  In Kyle’s words:  “Number Blocks is a great show for learning and they’re really fun to play with because they’re easy to connect and they look like the actual characters”

6// Spider Web Tree Swing

If you follow along on IG, you might be familiar with this swing: this is Kyle’s reading spot.  We have it hung right from the tree outside our patio and it’s perfect.  Sometimes I even curl up on it and take a few swings!  What I like most about it compared to other disk swings, is that its open, so bugs, leaves and other elements don’t get caught up in it.  It’s a good size, sometimes Kyle and Cayden (our 12 year old) swing on it together. It’s sturdy and it was fairly easy to put together. I definitely recommend.  In Kyle’s words:  “My favorite thing about my swing is that it is so relaxing, especially when my brother pushes me”

7// Hedbanz Picture Guessing Game 

This game is on his wishlist.  We had it many years ago and we used to love to play it as a family, it’s a quick set u game and it’s genuinely fun.

8//  Pokemon Plush Pikachu 8″

Kyle has quite a few Pokemon Plushies, and he said Pikachu is the best, so on the list it goes!  In Kyle’s words:  “This plushie is the cutest thing ever, you can’t resist it!”

9//  The Very Impatient Caterpillar

This book is a great read-together-book, there’s a lot of dialogue which we tend to have a lot of fun with.  This is one of Kyle’s favorite bedtime books.  In Kyle’s worlds:  “This book is a book about waiting, the caterpillar is so funny, and he realizes at the end, that being a butterfly is worth all of the wait.”

10//  Yotoy 49 Keys Multifunction Electronic Piano Kids Keyboard

We have quite a musical family, my son is a hip hop artist, and my daughter plays the piano, saxophone, guitar and ukulele.  Kyle has recently shown an interest in her keyboard, so we’ve added this one to his list, as I think it’ll give him an opportunity to do some independent learning and experimenting without tying up his sisters keyboard.

11//  Dog Man the Supa Epic Collection

Over the summer Kyle became enthralled by Dogman books.  It was an “I’m bored” type of day, so I told him to go grab a book and he brought over an old board book from when he was a baby, so I told him, “ahhhhh no, go get a book from your brother” in hopes to challenge him.  He picked up a Dogman book and read the whole book in an hour, and then went through all of the Dogman books my 12 year old owns.  So more Dogman books are definitely on his list.   In Kyle’s words:  “I like that it has so much action in it and it’s pretty funny . . . and the flip-o-ramas are fun!”

12//  Boss Baby C’s (Paperback)

This book has a very special place in our hearts.  This book is a financial literacy book authored by my sister-in-law, and illustrated by our nephew. It’s serves as a great way to introduce kids to financial concepts and terms through rhyme.


Well that’s it for Kyle’s gift guide, but be sure to check back as my next gift guide will be for tween-teens, especially those into sports, gaming and anime, with help from our 12 year old Cayden.

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means Made by Carli makes a small commission when you purchase items through a link, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands I love, Learn more on my Disclosure page.


  1. Jess C
    November 24, 2021 / 11:25 am

    I have a number-loving math whiz four year old and I’m so thankful for this wish list! Thank you for sharing!

    • madebycarli
      November 27, 2021 / 5:45 pm

      yay!!!! So glad you found this list helpful!

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