Modern Minimal Craft Stick Reindeer

Hi friends! Every now and then I like to work on little projects, or crafts rather, that take little effort, cost barely anything, but packs a big punch!  And these little craft stick reindeer check all of those boxes!

All you need to create these stick reindeer is a pack of craft sticks, a glue gun, some snips, branches for the antlers and some paint!

What to do:

Cut sticks to size (for a medium sized stick reindeer, use the following measurements):

4 at 4” for the legs

1 at 3” for the body

1 at 1” for the neck

and 1 at a ½” for the head

And 1 at ¼” for the tail

Glue both sets of legs together in the shape of an A.

Stand them up and glue the body to the top of the legs.

Next attach the neck and tail.

Grab your branch for the antlers, and glue to the back of the neck.

Attach the head to the top of the neck.

Let sit for a few minutes until dry.  I used black spray paint for a few of my reindeer . . .

And I just love how they turned out! You can get creative with how you finish yours! I even added a red. Use to one at the request of my 6 year old ☺️.

These are super cute little figurines that you can use to adorn a shelf, or mantle or anywhere really, and they cost pennies to make!

DIY Stick Reindeer



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