Styling My Bed with Winter Whites and a Virtual Slumber Party!

It’s no secret that neutrals are my jam, but it’s especially true when it comes to my bedding. Nothing makes me happier than jumping into a cozy layered bed of crisp white sheets, a super soft Duvet and comforter, and then layers of quilts, and cozy knits. There’s just something calming and serene about it.

Although I still haven’t “designed” this room, I did decide to give it a little refresh for winter with a fresh new duvet set from Crane & Canopy and by using items I already had. 

The Anatomy of my Bed:

Just look at all those layers!

I have to be honest, and I’ve said this in the past, our bedroom is always the last space to get love, but when I’m invited to try new products or join a fun blog hop, it always puts a little fire under me to make it a priority. So when my friend Camila from Effortless Style asked me to join her virtual slumber party, I thought, how fun?! 

And as a nice added perk, she is friends with the owners of Crane & Canopy so they graciously gifted us bedding and this amazing nightgown The Layla.  I have never been a pajama person, but this nightgown has made me a convert, I would wear it every night if I could. 

Piping detail on the Nova Duvet for a tailored finish

The Nova Duvet set is such a staple piece for the perfect bed.  It’s supersoft with its 400 thread count it feels like I’m sleeping in a luxury hotel.  And the another great feature of The Nova Duvet is that it has a hidden zipper enclosure, making it really easy to stuff.   I love it’s simplicity and, I especially love the edge piping detail. which gives it a tailored look.

So as part of the Virtual Slumber Party, Camila asked me, Amanda from Love & Renovations, and Rebecca Propes  to answer the following questions:  

What’s your favorite movie to watch during a slumber party? 

Mine would have to be, Can’t Buy Me Love, I’ve had a crush on Patrick Demspey ever since!

What’s your go to movie watching snack ?

I love a good mix of sweet and salty, but if I had to choose one thing, it would be Twizzlers!  

Do you prefer makeovers and games or just relaxing and chatting? 

I definitely prefer wine and lots of girl talk

Do you stay up all night talking to friends or do you actually fall asleep at some point? 

My friends and I would definitely stay up all night

Pillow fight: how many pillows are the perfect amount for a bed? 

Oooooh, tough one. Normally I like a lot—like 8, but lately I’ve been scaling back (says the girl with 7 pillows currently on her bed) haha!


Now it’s your turn! Feel free to answer 1 question or answer them all in the comments below.


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  1. Debbie
    January 12, 2022 / 2:11 pm

    looks so cozy. i would have popcorn as a snack and go to bed later than normal.

    can you share where you found your bedframe? I just started searching for a new option.


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