It’s Not You, It’s Your Mattress: Lucid Mattress Topper 1 year Review

It’s Not You, It’s Your Mattress

In this post, I’m sharing a 1-year review of our Lucid 3″ memory foam mattress topper.

I don’t know who needs to hear this . . . but you’re not old, it’s your mattress!  Seriously, last year my husband and I were dealing with all kinds of aches and pains, back pain, especially.  We finally looked at each other and said, “That’s it, we’re officially old!”


Moving forward with this newfound acceptance, my hubs began researching new mattresses as we tried to find the perfect fit for our aging bodies.  About two days later, my mom called me and asked me if I knew anything about mattress toppers and that she had been dealing with some back and sciatic pain as well.  That was my cue to start crowd-sourcing info about mattress toppers and searching the internet myself for the perfect topper to ease her pain.


The reviews of one mattress topper stood out to me the most, and had me convinced that it would be perfect for her, and possibly us too!

It’s the Lucid 3-Inch Ventilated Memory Foam mattress topper.  I sent the link over to my mom and then decided to give it a try myself.  At only $100 (for a queen), I figured it was worth a try compared to spending thousands on a new mattress.  And let me tell you, that call from my mom that day saved our sleep!

Sleeping on the Lucid topper, is like sleeping on a cloud, I literally can’t wait to get into bed at night.  And the back pain?  GONE!  My husband and I later celebrated that we’re actually not as old as we thought we were, lol. But seriously, this thing is legit. So much so that I decided to buy them for my sons’ bedrooms—Because everytime I come upstairs for the night, I find them both in my bed, and they say, “but Mom, your bed is so comfortable!”

The 2″ Lucid topper is nowhere near as good as the 3″ topper

NOT ALL Mattress toppers ARE EQUAL

But, do not make the same mistake I made:  I bought them the 2″ Lucid mattress topper which IS NOT the same.  So after kicking them out of my bed last night, I decided to order them both the 3″ mattress toppers, for a much better slumber for the school year.  We also ordered the 3 inch topper for my daughter for her college dorm.  After her first night there she called me in the morning and thanked me, because she slept so well.  I would recommend purchasing a cover for this topper, if you don’t already use one on your mattress, just to protect it, especially in kid’s rooms.

Lucid Mattress Topper Packaging

Lucid Packaging

Lucid toppers come vacuumed sealed, and they provide a little handy razor to carefully unbox it. Once you unwrap it, it looks a little something like this:

But it tends to plump up pretty quickly, although I think the instructions say that you should allow 24-48 hours for it to fully expand.

Using the Lucid topper in Cayden’s Room


We love the Lucid 3” Mattress topper, for its soft comfort that conforms to your body. We’ve found that they work best on a more firm mattress, specifically one that is not already really thick, as it adds quite a bit of height to your bed, so you want to be sure your sheets still fit.

I also appreciate its affordable price point, at only $100 for a queen sized topper, compared to some that are about 3x that price.  Overall, I give this mattress topper 5 stars and would purchase it over and over again if I had to.


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