Our 2024 Home Project List

Friends! here we are one week into 2024, and I’m feeling fantastic! While I kicked off this year with a focus on personal goals (you can hear about those on Instagram), today I decided to shift gears and lay down my plans for the home front. This year we’ve got a small lineup of new projects here at Hosta House and a handful of tasks still on the to-be completed- list, although in no particular order, let’s dive in, shall we?


1. Breezeway (renovation)

Probably one of our biggest projects that will come out of this year, is our Breezeway renovation. The breezeway, the first impression of our home, and it has remained pretty much unchanged since we bought the house. Our plans include possibly replacing the shingles with shiplap or board and batten, painting the concrete floors, and refreshing the ceiling. We envision it as a welcoming entry space.

2. Mudroom

The mudroom, a project started two years ago, was left untouched. To overcome my tendency to lose interest when things get tricky, I’m determined to complete it this year. Tasks remaining include choosing flooring, finalizing baseboards, and selecting a new paint color more suitable for a mudroom.

3. Garage Door

Our Garage door is old and worn, and is quite honestly an eye sore, next to our new siding.  So one thing we’d like to tackle this year is to replace it.



4. 2nd Floor Bathroom 

After installing new door knobs in the bathroom, my focus shifted during a busy period with our Cleveland Condo purchase. I lost motivation for the bathroom and surprisingly, it’s been a good 8 months since I’ve worked on it.  To wrap up the bathroom, I need to add a mirror, finish the baseboards, and add accessories.

5. Bathroom 1st Floor (New Wallpaper and paint refresh)

By now, you should all be familiar with the grinch bathroom.  Our “powder room” with the wall paper my 8 year old pointed out looks like The Grinch, (look at the pattern in the mirror)  Well, I’m finally going to update the wall paper in this space, and may even refresh the wall color, depending on what wallpaper I choose.

6. Basement Gym, Paint, organize and accessorize:

Last year I shared plans for our basement Gym, and then shared how we updated the basement ceilings with PVC Planks.  Well that’s basically where we left off, and since I am highly motivated to stay on my health journey throughout the year, I’d like to make the basement a bit more inviting.

7. Basement Laundry Room Area:

So last fall I got a section of our basement organized for storage, but just on the other side of the wall is the laundry “room”.  It’s been this awful dark dingy spacy since we moved here, but on Christmas we got a big surprise-a leaking oil tank, so we recently had the old oil tan replaced, which has made me look at this space with a new set of eyes.  Hubs has been in the process of painting the cinderblock walls on this side of the basement, but I’ve got this itch to turn it into something a bit  more inviting and, dare I say, enjoyable for him, because he does the laundry—Long story short, I bleached one of his favorite shirts in high school and he never let me touch the laundry again-HA!  Anyway the first thing I’d like to do is get the washer and dryer on the same walls, so I need to give my electrician a call asap)

8. Kitchen

Ceiling Skim Coat or Plank

So for the kitchen —Our current textured ceiling has overstayed its welcome, and I’ve got some ideas to update it while also adding some charm to the heart of our home. I’m torn between two  options: skim coating for that sleek, smooth look and adding faux beams, or planking it with shiplap or beadboard. Updated to add that I’m also considering doing the same to our sitting room popcorn ceilings.

Adding Backsplash tile

I don’t know what it is but something about my kitchen feels unfinished and I’m starting to think it’s because I never installed a tile backsplash.  When we decided to do a full slab backsplash behind the stove, I couldn’t imagine how tile would look with it, but, I’m heavily inspired by this kitchen designed by Anisa Zajac from House Seven Design

9. Attic Refresh

When we finished the attic for my daughter, 3 years ago now,  I kept things very light bright and airy, because the condition of the space was the exact opposite.  This year, I’d like to reevaluate the space for both function and style.  Although she’s away at school, she is home quite often and I’d like her to feel like it’s a cozy space and that it also represents her personal style a bit more.

10. Kyle’s Room Refresh

While Kyle’s room is  actually fine as is, I’d like to add some character. I’m thinking beadboard or wallpaper 3/4 of the way up the walls.   I haven’t nailed down a solid plan yet, but there will still be pops of red and vibrant colors, because my boy loves a colorful space.

11. Primary Bedroom

Our bedroom, much like Kyle’s is fine as is, but I’d also like to add some character in here.  As of right now, I’m thinking of adding some trim to the walls and freshening up the paint color.

Open COncept Closet

12. Garage Bedroom

Our oldest son, occupies a space we finished in the garage.  And I can’t believe it’s been three years since we finished this space.  Like the other rooms, it’s in decent shape, but definitely in need of a refresh for the year.  He wants a new bed, and because he is also a creator I think he could definitely benefit from a desk space to be better organized.


While there are a bunch of other ideas swirling in my mind for the house, (don’t even get me started on garden/landscaping ideas), these are the top projects I ‘d like to touch/complete this year.  Reviewing it one last time before I hit publish, makes me realize this list may be a bit ambitious, but we’ll see 😁🤞🏾.



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